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In one age, commodity prices soar, while in the next, they wilt. It is a pattern that has played out over the course of history, though exactly why so is far from clear. 

The shifting eddies of this cyclical pattern exercise an underestimated and not entirely understood tow on the orbit of history, a distant drummer influencing the march of events, while remaining unseen.

The Gold and Revolution project aims to shine a spotlight on the hidden forces that shape our world. The enigmatic cycles that drive all manner of prices serve as the primary object of our attention, but game-changing trends of all stripes fall within our remit.

The locus of our attention is on great questions of history, the trends and omens associated with the onset of commodity cycles and their eventual unwinding, as well as the commodities themselves. Our particular focus is the most scarce and coveted of these, the precious metals, which have exerted such a curious hold over the minds of women and men since the dawning of the Metal Ages.

The articles on this website are grouped thematically, with each category marked by the three leaf motifs atop this page.

Articles harking back to the past, focused on distant origins and the largely forgotten Ages of Metals, can be found under the Forgotten Ages tab, above. Those primarily concerned with analysing the causes of the price movements of raw materials are housed under the Commodity Cycles tab. And to uncover investment insights on the emerging trends of the present day, navigate to the Market Trendspotter portal.


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