French Revolution 2020: Food wars down the virus haunted streets of France

Protest banner of the Nantes delivery riders

…Masses of delivery riders continue to multiply on public thoroughfares, creating living hell for residents and restaurateurs… Le Figaro, June 2021 It would be one of those times when years of change would unfold within weeks. Nowhere was this more evident than in France, the first nation in the European Union to be struck by […]

Children of the Hercynian

   …It is useful now to point out a distinction unknown by most. Those tribes that live inland from Massalia, as well as those around the Alps and those on the eastern side of the Pyrenees are called Celts. But those tribes in the northern area near the ocean, those near the Hercynian mountains, and those […]

Three Commodity Booms

What Causes Commodity Booms? …But when Orion and Sirius are come into mid-heaven, and rosy-fingered dawn sees Arcturus, then cut off all the grape-clusters, Perses, and bring them home Hesiod, Works and Days Ancient peoples looked to the heavens for guidance, knowing that the appearance of certain constellations in the night sky forewarned of an […]